Ukraine IT Services & the War with Russia 2022:
Survey Results

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Welcome to SquadGurus’ Ukraine IT Services study which explores how the war with Russia has impacted firms and the people who work for them.

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Two years into a global pandemic, when the tech economy in Ukraine was soaring and 30% salary increases for engineers was common, Russia invaded and upended everything. Many people left the country or moved to regions where there was no fighting, some joined the Ukrainian army to fight for their homeland, and others got involved in refugee and relief activities. For the first 2-3 weeks of the war, it seemed like everything stopped.

As a global network of IT services firms, we have many partners in Ukraine who deliver software, mobile apps, cloud services and more for clients in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. In connecting with our Ukrainian partners and asking how we could be helpful, many told us that they were still delivering for their clients and meeting all of their deadlines. Some even told us that they had onboarded new clients or had grown their existing teams since the start of the war.

This led us to conduct a survey of the market to see what was going on. The results are fascinating and point to the resilience of both the tech services market and the Ukrainian people.

In this survey you will learn:
> Where firms were located before the war and where they moved to after it started
> How the war has impacted employment by these firms
> Customer trends and impact since the start of the war
> Impact of the war on talent acquisition
> Where are firms looking for clients these days
> How Ukrainian IT firms are viewing their future opportunities