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Our Mission

To bring you only the best solutions from leading and emerging global delivery locations. Our large and growing SquadGurus Global Network of provider partners can handle any time, size and duration of project or long-term need.

Innovative Fully-managed Outsourcing Teams

Whether you’re looking for high-quality project outcomes, innovative fully-managed outsourcing teams, or top talent staffing, our network will get you what you need.

Do you need someone to build you a great mobile experience for your clients? Or write embedded medical device software? Or build that fintech web application?

Are you looking to build a fully-managed team of developers, QA, project management and more?

Are you struggling to find development or QA talent to fill your open contract roles? Do you need a flexible and cost-effective source for cloud engineering & DevOps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the SquadGurus Global Network of provider firms is the solution you need.

Here are some locations that our teams are working from:

  • Europe (Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, North Macedonia, Serbia and others)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay and more)
  • Africa (Tunisia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, …)
  • Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam…)

Need help with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? How about Salesforce? Amazon Web Services? Google Cloud? React / React Native or Angular development? Javascript, .NET, Kubernetes, and other technologies?

We’ve got you covered – before and after you engage. Our concierge-level customer success management is your secret weapon to ensure high quality outcomes from our network.